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ViaDesh provides internships for students who are interested in getting work experience in a culturally diverse and demanding setting. Our internships provide students opportunities to work with many of the non-profit organizations in India. Through these work placements, students will gain skills, knowledge, and experience that will help better prepare them for their futures.

ViaDesh provides unpaid work placements with one of India’s numerous NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). Work placements are for a minimum of two months but can last as long as a year. We provide personalized placements based on skills and interests. ViaDesh will also provide all food, travel, and accommodations while in India. We will assist in pre-travel planning and preparation.

For our internship program, we seek highly qualified candidates that are prepared for the challenges of working in a culturally diverse environment.

Requirements and documents necessary for Internship:
* At least two years of university completed
* Two letters of recommendation
* Copy of transcripts
* Pre-placement interview

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