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ViaDesh strives to create meaningful learning experiences for university students that are looking to further their personal growth and development as global citizens. We help university students that are looking for a gap year, service learning holiday, or other global enrichment experience. Through a partnership with over 300 NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), we can provide university students with experience in numerous fields: social justice, sustainability, health care, women empowerment, business, media, disaster management, and many other areas of study.

iaDesh’s university programmes create numerous learning opportunities while promoting self-growth. Full immersion is an important aspect of our culturally rich programmes. We arrange for all travel, accommodations, food, and learning experiences while in India. Our students will live, work, and eat with members of the communities that they are working with. Through our programmes, we encourage sustainability and giving back to the community. All of our programmes work directly with the sustainability goals of the community.

In addition to the cultural benefits of a ViaDesh programme, students will also gain skills that will help them become global citizens. Students will have a variety of opportunities to use effective communication skills, decision making skills, and leadership skills. All of these skills will be tested in a culturally diverse setting.

Opportunities are limitless with the ViaDesh university programmes, and the outcomes are life-changing.

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