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On the Cycle

Explore India through our cycling holidays, and you'll find that no other country indulges as many senses simultaneously as India. Imagine cycling in the salt marsh of the Great Rann of Kutch (located in the Thar Desert). The intense colours are unforgettable and you'll find them reiterated in the traditional pigments of the region. The spices that season so many Indian dishes create a heady scent that will haunt your memories. The busy streets and the cacophony of the markets are a constant reminder of the vibrant and restless nature of this country. You will be staying with locals and sampling authentic indigenous cuisine on the way.

Another popular destination for a cycling holiday is the Himalayas. If isolation is your thing, then there's nothing like rambling over majestic mountaintops. Surrounded by gorgeous mountain vistas, paths lead to hillsides forested with rhododendron and blue pine, golden farm fields with mustard and buckwheat, and rustic villages.There is a warmth and hospitality to experience in local culture, customs, and ceremonies. Lodgings in the Himalayas are ideally situated for natural scenery—in a forest, overlooking a river, or perched on the rim of a valley. Local cuisine is a unique blend of unusual and piquant tastes.

So swing yourself onto that cycle and start pedalling!

We organize our cycling holidays on the basis of difficulty of terrain & distance covered each day to help you find the right holiday for your level of fitness. This comes with the option of cycle hiring, or you could just bring your own wheels.

Introductory cycling
For the infrequent cyclist, this covers mainly level land or gentle slopes. Distances of between 15-25 miles/25-40 kms per day.

Moderate cycling
For the leisure cyclist who exercises regularly. It will include some steeper climbs. Distances of between 20-30 miles/ 35-50 kms per day.

Adventurous cycling
For those who cycle regularly. Includes some steep climbs and distances of between 25-50 miles/40-80 kms per day.

Challenging cycling
For regular cyclists who are looking for longer distances of between 40 and 70 miles/ 65-120 kms per day.

Charity cycle rides
Charity cycle rides are ideal for people who not only want to travel responsibly, but also want to give that little bit extra to contribute towards a favourite charity. All of our charity cycle rides are either run by charities, or contribute a significant proportion of the cost of the holiday to a good cause.

We also have special theme based cycling tours for the nature lover, the history buff, the foodie, etc.

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